Sphinx DocFX YAML


Sphinx DocFX YAML is an exporter for the Sphinx Autodoc module into DocFX YAML.

You can read the full documentation online at http://sphinx-docfx-yaml.readthedocs.io

Basic Workflow

  • Write RST that includes Python autodoc
  • Render internal doctree into YAML
  • Output YAML into output directory


First you need to install docfx-yaml:

pip install sphinx-docfx-yaml

Then add it to your Sphinx project’s conf.py:

# Order matters here.
# The extension must be defined *after* autodoc,
# because it uses a signal that autodoc defines
extensions = ['sphinx.ext.autodoc', 'docfx_yaml.extension']

Make sure you are using autodoc in your code somewhere:

.. automodule:: foo.bar

Then build your documentation:

make html

Inside your build directory (_build/html usually), the docfx_yaml will contain the YAML files that are output.


Read more about the design in our Sphinx DocFX YAML Reference Design.


This project has a few different pieces at this point. It’s primary goal was to integrate the Azure Python SDK into the docfx tooling. You can read more about the pieces currently set up in the Layout of the project.

Napoleon Support

We support sphinx.ext.napoleon for parsing docstrings in other formats. Currently all markup that maps to existing Sphinx info field lists will work, along with Examples. In order to pull examples out, you need the napoleon_use_admonition_for_examples set to True.